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A game will have a region code depending on where in the world it was released. Some games were only released in one country, but most will have been released worldwide.

Most consoles are region locked, meaning a console from one region can only play games from the same region.

Telling us your region code helps to ensure we show your listing to the right buyers. Some people also like to collect all regions of a game, or all games from a specific region.

If you're not sure what region your game is, you can skip this step.


Tell us whether your game is boxed or contains instructions.

If your game is in mint condition, select the "New" option.

If your game doesn't come with instructions (more modern consoles often opted for electronic manuals or no manual at all), but your game is still boxed-as-bought, please still tick. the "instructions" box.

Try to provide the most accurate information about your game. It helps buyers know what they're buying, and helps us determine guide pricing for yours and future listings.


Based on the game, platform, and previous questions, we ask you to upload some photos of your game. Only the first photo is mandatory, but the more photos you upload, the better.

Make sure the photos are clear and any serial numbers and markings are visible. We would also advise that you take all your photos together as this helps our verification process.


Enter the amount you want to sell your game for.

Stop N Swop charges a small fee which is clearly broken down for you on this step. You can view more about these fees here.

For domestic listings your price should include any postage costs.

Stop N Swop charges an order protection fee to the buyer. You can read more about this in the Fees & Charges section. By default this is added on to the price you set. However, if you prefer, you can choose to include the fee in your set price instead of on top of it.

If possible, we'll show our market price for the game. This is based on the most recently-sold listings for this game in this condition.


This step allows you to configure additional settings and services. Currently this only includes adding a note about your listing, but some exciting new extras will be coming soon.


You'll get a chance to review your full listing before creating it. Once you're happy with it, click Looks good to create it.

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