Fees & Charges


There are no fees for listing or selling an item 🥳

Order protection

To protect our buyers at Stop N Swop we supply an Order Protection service for all transactions.

We charge a small fee to the buyer to protect the order:

  • 4% of the seller's price

For transparency, we include this fee in the price of items across the app, so you won't see the price jump during checkout!

Example: A seller lists a game for £10.00. The order protection charge would be £0.40. The game would be priced on the store at £10.40.

The buyer pays £10.40 and the seller receives £10.00

Order protection means payment is held until the buyer has received the item and has confirmed they are happy with it. Once the buyer has confirmed they are happy with the item, the payment is then released to the seller.

If the product is not in the advertised condition, or it does not arrive, the buyer can request a refund, return the item, and get their money back.

Withdrawal fee

To withdraw your balance there is a small fixed fee of £0.20. This is the same whether you're withdrawing £5 or £5,000.

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